Add Marketing to your design skillset. 

Add Marketing to your design skillset. 

Add Marketing to your design skillset. 

Add Marketing to your design skillset. 

Add Marketing to your design skillset. Take the next step in your career.

Take the next step in your career.

I've been a designer for the past 15 years. Working my way up from a junior designer - making $20k a year, to working as a Creative Director and making 6 figures a few years later. A few years after that I quit and now run an indie design business. On good days I've made $20k in day (my years salary in the past) and can work remotely anywhere in the world now. 

In 2007 I saved money by eating $3.50 six inch subs, and not just any but the cheap sub of the day ones. Now a days I focus on earning more and investing rather than saving money on lunch. It's not only about the money but the freedom. 

I still love design but the higher paycheck has allowed me freedom to work on projects I enjoy, spend more time with my family (I have 2 young kids), travel on my own terms without having to check in with the boss for permission and overall just have more control of my time. 

How was this possible? 

The difference across that time and my value as a designer has been improving my skillset. 

The change was forged through a passion for doing good design work for no-name startups to billion dollar companies. 

First get good at design. If your dream is to run a design based business. Then you first need to start there. The second is learning about business, namely about marketing and how to generate revenue.  This is what will open up other opportunities. 

This is not one of those bullshit buy this program and you'll be an overnight success stories or promises. If you apply hardwork with the right blue print this will be possible. 

These strategies have added millions of dollars in value for the companies I've worked with.

But not only that I have generated $1,000,000 for my own products that I've created using these methods. So I am teaching from experience not just theory. 

So who's this class for?

Designers looking to either launch their own product, build their own brand, increase their social influence or looking to add online marketing and product design thinking to their design skill set. This will be an invaluable course for designers looking to step up and move into leadership positions or planning to grow their own personal brand and product suite.

What will you learn? 

After the completion of the course you will have an understanding of key business and marketing strategies and approaches to create, launch or maintain a successful brand/website/app/product. Strategies and methods to use marketing to create effective designs that add value and to the bottom line of your clients or for yourself. By learning these concepts you will be able to earn more and charge more.

By pairing marketing skills, with your existing design skills you will be able to speak the language of business. You will be able to incorporate what you know about design, with marketing you can:

  • Grow your freelance business
  • Charge more
  • Build a personal brand
  • Successfully launch your own small business or side hustle
  • Add new valuable skills 

Higher pay means you will be more in control of your time, and freedom to do more of what makes you happy.

Market tested knowledge

These are a roundup of my experiences working with large companies, indie companies and of course launching my own brand and products over the years. It is also a collection of knowledge I’ve acquired from tons of live testing, studying and the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on courses myself. Marketing coupled with Design and Design Thinking is a powerful arsenal to have. If you are looking to take it to the next level, this course will help you get there.

Learn the essentials of Digital Marketing for designers 

See exactly what's covered

Learn the essentials of digital marketing with this class – See exactly what's covered


Class lessons 

  • Introduction - Marketing 101 and course outline
  • AIDA and KLT marketing concepts
  • Marketing Funnels 101 - Part 1
  • Marketing Funnels 101 - Part 2
  • Building an audience and authority in your niche
  • Value creation and how to create online influence
  • Leveraging your community
  • Building a personal brand
  • The importance of Email Lists & Social Media
  • Building an MVP
  • CRM tools and how to use them well
  • Complete Breakdown of my business model. How to have a business that is on your terms, is ethical and something you can be passionate about.
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Key Marketing metrics and how to improve them
  • Product Market Fit
  • Customer Acquisition Strategies
  • Customer Retention vs. Acquisition
  • How to get more clients
  • How to charge more
  • How to build a personal brand
  • How to launch your own small business or side hustle


Learn marketing without becoming a slime ball. Make money doing work you love with a community behind you. And how to find your ideal customers and clients, whether you freelance or want to start a startup.

Learn marketing without becoming a slime ball.Make money doing work you love with a community behind you. And how to find your ideal customers and clients, whether you freelance or want to start a startup.


Class taught by this guy. Nguyen Le. 

A University level ciriculum at a fraction of the cost

Up your business acumen and marketing know how and become a more valuable designer. 

Up your business acumen and marketing skills. Register now and save up to $300 

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